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Practice Exams And Guest Learning Management

You can pratice exams and download tutorials from application

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Section Management In Exams And Multi-Lingual Exams

You can conduct exams with sections corresponding different timings and multi lingual exams.

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Multiple Layouts For Menorah Pro Theme

You can manage your application with different themes and colors for a better look

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Amazing New Features

Multi Themes
Section Management Exams
Multi-Lingual Exams
Practice Exams
reCaptcha Management
Easy Migration
Front End CMS Pages
Razorpay PaymentGateway

Other Existing Features

Exam Analytics
Learning Management System
Free Exams
Paid Exams
Exam Packages
Bookmarking Questions
Question Bank
Exam Hints
Exam Timer
Internal Messaging
Exam Key Review
Paypal PaymentGateway
PayU India PaymentGateway
Exam History
MathJax Support
Equations Support
Video Questions
Audio Questions
Image Questions
Student Dashboard
Parent Dashboard
Admin Dashboard

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